My Story

Isabella is a sweet cat who loves laying in the sun, quiet time, playing with hair ties or scraps of paper on the ground, and being outside with plants. She lived for 10 years in a large house in a quiet neighborhood with a big backyard and unfortunately our housing has shifted and Belly is no longer happy in her digs. While she is getting up in the years, she is still very spry and loves to jump up on the bed and make funny noises at the birds out the window. She likes to be pet daily and loves to be talked to…we always say she likes to be where the people are.

We think the best place for her to go would be a house with indoor outdoor possibilities and folks who are able to be present with her.

Contact Sónya
Phone: (415) 652-8168

Facts About Me
Age 14 y
Gender Female
Breed Mixed
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