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Ruthie is a 3-legged cat that was adopted from the SF SPCA about 5 years ago. She is missing her right hind leg. Ruthie is from a feral litter of four born to a very young and stressed mother. Two of the kittens had legs bitten off, the other two didn’t survive.

Ruth has adapted well. She learned to use the litter box quickly. By three months she was able to go down a full flight of stairs to get to the garden. She was a happy, playful, curious kitten. She loved the garden, hunted butterflies, and took cat naps in the sun.

However, it has been increasingly difficult for her to get up and down the stairs, and get up on the couch and bed. She is developing a curvature in her spine; her back muscles are tight, and I’m afraid she is in pain. She can no longer keep up with the other cats and is becoming more aggressive toward them. Ruthie is gaining weight because she is less active. The extra weight makes it more difficult and painful for her to move. It makes sense that her pain is causing the aggression and I believe it’s also causing depression.

A single level home would improve Ruthie’s health and quality of life. I think she would thrive in a quiet household as an only cat. It would be ideal if there was a backyard or balcony she could access easily. She would also be happy watching birds out the window from a low sunny perch.

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Facts About Me
Age 5 y
Gender Female
Breed American short hair
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