The Fish

My Story

“The Fish” is a beautiful tuxedo cat with a snow-white belly and a perfect little cufflinks/socks pattern. He was found as a stray kitten when he was 8 weeks old. He is a cat person’s cat (does not exhibit doglike behavior). He likes to be in the room with you, and loves sitting in the sun or on top of whatever item is new in the house (empty grocery bag, fresh laundry, etc.). He enjoys pets at specific times of day, and will love to sleep on your bed if you let him. He has an evening “witching hour” where he meows and runs around the house. He loves to chase string during this time – or really any other time. He recently moved and has not sprayed or had any difficulty adjusting to a new apartment. He does not like strangers and will hide when they come over and come back out when they leave. He is good at using his litter box. He has asthma, which is successfully managed with “respiratory relief” litter and a topical steroid.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Available to a Rescue: Yes
Gender & Breed: Male tuxedo cat (short hair)
Age/Weight/Neutered: 13 years old/11lbs/Neutered
Shots due: up to date
Living with kids: has not lived with kids before
Living with dogs: has lived with a dog years ago (he tolerated it, but probably not his preference)
Living with cats: has not lived with cats before (probably not his preference)
No history of aggressive tendencies
Litter box trained: Yes
Knows tricks: No
Energy level: Average (likes to chase string in the evening)
Meows frequency: Frequent

Contact Joanna
Phone: (301) 461-1306

Facts About Me
Age 13 y
Gender Male
Breed Shorthair tuxedo cat
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