My Story

Ruh, Roh, Roey! A wonderful, young pup, Roey is learning to love just everything and everybody. She’s been a little sheltered in her life, so does prefer to meet people, places, and things at a cautious, but optimistic, pace. She loves to cuddle and is a leaner (and who doesn’t love a leaner!) Positive training and experiences will help her grow confident and comfortable in the world. For an adolescent dog, Roey is remarkably calm and careful. She’s known around her as “that sweet Roey!”

October is Pit Bull Awareness and Celebration month! The adoption fee for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes is waived throughout the whole month. Come see how a “pibble” can make your life better!

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Weight 50 lbs; 11 oz
Gender Female
Breed Mix Terrier, American Pit Bull
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