My Story

Buddy is from Fresno, CA. Buddy, did you know, is one of the top 3 names for dogs in the U.S.A.? Our Buddy definitely is looking for his forever human buddy too. Buddy enjoys slow introductions to people, but if you’re his type, he’s going to place his head in your lap and gaze lovingly up at you for those sweet pets you may offer. Buddy is startled by unexpected noises and will let you know he needs a minute by stopping and lowering himself a tad. Some of Buddy’s favorite activities here have been chasing bubbles (and popping them), picking up squeaky and soft tows (and giving them the dog treatment), and walking on quiet streets with his human true loves. Buddy will want to be the only dog in the home and hopes his adopters have a flexible schedule as he enjoys being with his peops all the time.

Facts About Me
Age 4 y; 4 m
Weight 70 lbs; 8 oz
Gender Male
Breed Mix Shepherd
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