Your Animal's Journey to You

Animals find themselves in shelters for many reasons. Sometimes we know the specifics and sometimes we can only imagine. No matter the circumstances of how an animal came into our care, once it arrives, we know that it only gets better from here. 

Our intake department transfers animals from our primary partner, SF Animal Care and Control as well as shelters throughout California and beyond, focusing on those in our Central Valley Coalition. 

Every animal goes through thorough medical and behavioral screenings, is spayed/neutered, microchipped, and readied to find you. Most importantly, every animal is loved and nurtured during its stay at the SF SPCA.

Explore our shelter programs:

Shelter Medicine

Shelter medicine is a specialty field of veterinary medicine dedicated to the care of homeless animals. The Shelter Medicine Department cares for all the animals living under the auspices of the SF SPCA, be that in the shelter, the adoption center, or in a foster home.
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Behavior Resources

Many behaviors we see in our companion animals are normal reactions to their environment, and simply understanding our pet better can effectively address the issue at hand. However, when behaviors go beyond the scope of normal expectations, seeking professional help from a qualified veterinary behaviorist is essential.
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Spay & Neuter Clinic

The San Francisco SPCA Spay-Neuter Clinic offers competitively priced spay-neuter for public clients, in addition to providing free and discounted surgeries for low-income SF residents.
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At many shelters, ringworm can be devastating – but does not have to be. With proper protocols, ringworm can be safely treated and cured. At the San Francisco SPCA, we save more than 350 animals with ringworm every year.
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