Program Results

The numbers have been crunched, and in 2020, the live release rate (LRR) for the entire city of San Francisco climbed to 95 percent, which is the highest ever for S.F. and one of the highest for any major American city! As a leader in animal welfare, we continue to pave the way for other cities to achieve similar results.

Much has changed since the SF SPCA was founded in 1868, but San Francisco continues to be at the forefront of animal welfare. We want to acknowledge the unwavering support of the San Francisco community & our partnership with San Francisco Animal Care & Control – without these, our successes would not be possible.

Each year, the SF SPCA’s programs and services reach 250,000 people, which is nearly one-third of the population of San Francisco. We are a local, independent nonprofit that is not affiliated with any national organizations, so it is thanks to you that we can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of animals in San Francisco and beyond.

Asilomar Accords and Partnership Reports

In order to accurately track each animal and our progress, the SF SPCA utilizes the Asilomar Accords, a nationally recognized system that categorizes the medical and behavioral conditions of shelter animals. The Accords enable us to determine our Live Release Rate, identify where we can improve, and determine how our resources are utilized. We invite you to review and celebrate our 2020 Asilomar Accords Annual Animal Statistics Report and our SF SPCA-SFACC Partnership Report. Questions or requests for clarification may be emailed to

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