San Francisco SPCA to Offer Free Spay/Neuter Procedures for All Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes Indefinitely

Monday, May 2, 2011

In a continued effort to end animal overpopulation, the San Francisco SPCA will offer free spay/neuter procedures for all pit bulls and pit mixes, indefinitely. The announcement follows the recent success of “Pit Fix Month” in March, during which the SF SPCA performed 107 procedures on pit bulls and pit mixes, at no cost – marking a 350 percent increase from March 2010.

 “Making these services accessible not only ensures that pit owners in San Francisco can stay compliant with local laws, but also aligns with our mission to save and protect animals,” said Jeannette Goh, D.V.M., director of the SF SPCA Spay & Neuter Clinic. “We know first-hand through previous initiatives, like Pit Fix Month, the positive effect efforts like this can have on the community and we’re excited to offer this service free of charge from here on out.”

Within the past six months, the SF SPCA has performed more than 2,000 spay/neuter procedures on dogs, with more than 14 percent on pit bulls and pit mixes. In addition to being a legal requirement for all pit bulls and mixes in San Francisco, spay and neuter procedures contribute to the overall health of animals, decrease overpopulation and save both the city and its residents the costs and repercussions of unwanted litters.

San Francisco residents interested in scheduling a sterilization appointment for their pit bull or pit mix can call 415-554-3030 or visit To learn more about the SF SPCA, please visit