Crime Lab Cats On the Road to Rescue with the San Francisco SPCA

Friday, April 9, 2010

On April 7, the San Francisco SPCA warmly welcomed four cats captured during the week of March 29 at the San Francisco police crime lab in Hunters Point. The SFSPCA took in a kitten, which has been named Yoda, and three adult cats, a male and two females. Upon receiving the cats through the SFSPCA’s Feral Fix program, they were provided veterinary care that included sterilization and a Feline Leukemia Test. All four cats will be hosted in foster care during their recovery.

YodaYoda is undergoing socialization and medical treatment before he is able to be adopted. The three adult cats will either be placed into the SFSPCA’s Working Cats program, which places unsocialized cats with local businesses that provide daily care for the cats, or within a supervised feral cat colony supported by Feral Fix volunteers and the SFSPCA. The SFSPCA Feral Fix Coordinator closely monitors all trapped cats that are admitted through their shelter partners to ensure they are placed in a nurturing environment.

“The SFSPCA is dedicated to protecting cats and dogs in the community and we’re excited to have the opportunity to support these cats,” said Dori Villalon, vice president of the SFSPCA. “Through our Feral Fix program, we are pleased to have helped hundreds of stray and feral cats find safe, nurturing communities in which to live long and healthy lives.”

Springtime marks the beginning of “kitten season” and an influx of newborn cats into our community. To help control the pet population, the SFSPCA provides free spay and neuter procedures for San Francisco’s feral cats on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No appointment is needed. The SFSPCA encourages community members to volunteer, participate in the Foster Care program for new kittens, and join our Feral Fix efforts. The SFSPCA offers resources on supporting feral cats and lends traps for members of the community who would like to bring in an unsocialized cat that cannot be safely handled.

For more information about Yoda and the other cats and the Feral Fix, Working Cat and Foster Care programs, please call 415-554-3000 or visit