4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Thursday, July 2, 2009
  1. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag and is microchipped.
  2. Tire your dog or cat out with plenty of exercise early in the day.
  3. Distract your pets by playing games with their favorite toys.
  4. Create a safe sanctuary in your home. Shut windows and blinds or curtains. Turn the TV or radio on at normal volume.
  5. Stay with your pet on the 4th. If you can’t stay consider crating them in a secluded room, so they won’t run in panic.
  6. Some pets become destructive when frightened, so remove items that they could destroy or hurt themselves with.
  7. Don’t leave your pet inside a vehicle. In hot weather temperatures can climb rapidly.
  8. Avoid taking your dog to places where there may be fireworks and never leave pets outside unattended.
  9. Take precautions before and after July 4th; many people start celebrating early and will continue to let off firecrackers afterward.
  10. After the 4th watch pets carefully during neighborhood walks to see that they are not exposed to fireworks debris.