Sponsorship of the Symposium is an excellent opportunity for relevant businesses to reach target markets, industry insiders, and tastemakers.

By signing on as a sponsor of the 2017 Canine Science Symposium, you will be entitled to the following:


  • The opportunity to have a 6’ display and vendor table in the San Francisco SPCA’s courtyard, which will enjoy not just the interest of the Symposium attendees, but the weekend foot traffic of hundreds of clients visiting our Adoption Center and Public Hospital
  • Your logo on the cover of the Canine Science Symposium program
  • Your hyperlinked logo on the Canine Science Symposium webpage
  • Your logo on slide show collateral during the event
  • Half-page ad of your design in the Canine Science Symposium program
  • Opportunity to distribute samples, gifts and branded items to guests
  • Opportunity to build client lists /database
  • Opportunity to sell merchandise
  • Opportunity for two guests to attend the symposium as guests of the San Francisco SPCA


This year’s Symposium speakers are from the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab, Carroll College, City University of New York, Monmouth University, the Texas Tech University Human-Animal Interaction Lab, Maddie’s Fund and the San Francisco SPCA. They’ll be discussing a variety of current canine science topics including:


  • Resource guarding assessment and modification with owned dogs
  • Examining behavioral, cognitive, and memory differences in owned & shelter dogs
  • Measuring and assessing trainer performance
  • Investigating dynamics of dog-human play
  • Environmental enrichment in the shelter setting
  • Behavior and disease susceptibility in shelter dogs
  • Understanding human-dog attachment
  • …and more!


Sponsorship of this year’s symposium is available for 500$. To reserve your sponsorship space, please print, complete and mail/email our Sponsorship Form, or contact Ariel at dogtraining@sfspca.org, or (415) 522-3509.

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