Volunteer Appreciation Month 2012 - Week 3

Volunteers are lifesavers
We could not do the important work of this organization without our volunteers. This month is dedicated to making all 1200 active volunteers feel appreciated for all they do. Every week this month we highlight some of the inspirational activities of our amazing volunteers from across the organization.

Lydie Thomas
Olivia and Thais with foster kittiesLydie, her husband Willem and their two daughters, Olivia and Thais have been fostering for 3 years and have taken in just about everything. They've fostered numerous kittens, an adult cat or two, some puppies, and lately, they've been taking home adult dogs with special medical needs. Lydie is quite adept at giving medications, Olivia and Thais are experts at cuddling, and Willem is busy teaching the foster animals to be fluent in French, Spanish, and maybe a couple of other languages as well!

Arthur Friedman
ArthurWhen Arthur works an outreach shift it starts long before we get on site. He always comes to the shelter 2 hours before the event to clean cages, set up the van, and assist Joan in anything that needs to get done. After that he loads up the van and rides with Joan to setup and work the site. His day is not done at the end of the event as he comes back to the shelter, unloads the animals and puts them away, cleans out the van and cages. Not only does he work every Sunday but he picks up shifts for special events and comes in during the week to assist with other outreach projects. Arthur is truly a part of the outreach department.

Mike Wonders and Tim Wessman
Puppy-Team co-coordinators Mike and Tim are here four or five (and sometimes six or seven) days a week to see that the shelter puppies see the world. And because they know that it takes a village (or a Society) to raise a dog, they also recruit and train and organize and encourage the team. They share an unequaled dedication to every pup who comes here. They also share the ability to find and recruit the volunteers who equal that dedication. The team enables the San Francisco SPCA to do more than save puppy lives. It gives the puppies a chance for a happy future.


Tracy Jacobs
TracyFrom her first volunteer shift at a mobile vaccine clinic, we in the Community Cares Initiative Program knew we had found someone special in Tracy. She brings with her two much needed skills for these clinics - a positive attitude and impeccable organization. Tracy runs the station that pulls up the vaccines, and gets them to each of the three veterinary teams throughout the day. With an always present smile, she has perfected the way we pull up and distribute vaccines at the mobile vaccine clinics and even has her own set up for storing vaccines that has been a huge help to the vets and techs on duty. Because of Tracy's efficiency, staff stays calmer and more organized and we are able to vaccinate more dogs- the end goal for the Community Cares Initiative Clinics.

Suzanne Sandidge and Kristi Kessel with Korey
Suzanne and KristiGiven their own experiences working through tough challenges, Suzanne and Kristi set out to adopt a "difficult case". When Muttville rescued a little dog with crippled back legs from Korea, they knew he was the one. Once love-starved, confined to a cage and subsisting on cabbage and water, Korey is now healthy, happy and riding around in his own doggie stroller! Suzanne and Kristi enrolled him in AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy), an ideal place for a little dog that loves to give and receive affection. The generosity of this team is an inspiration and truly models the spirit of AAT!

Martha Wellington
LaylaMartha has been with our official Fospice ("Hospice Foster") Program from the beginning. She took in fospice cat, Layla in 2009 and has given her such good care that Layla is still doing great! Layla is in the early stages of renal disease and in the past, animals like her would have run the risk of being euthanized; but because of dedicated people like Martha, Layla can live out her life and keep trying to steal the butter!

Rick Patterson
RickRick is a Maddie's Cat Volunteer All Star. He comes in three days a week and works right alongside staff from open to close helping with Mobile Adoptions, matchmaking in Maddie's, managing the front counter, writing kennel cards and mentoring new volunteers. Before you can even ask him a favor, the answer is YES. He is always ready to jump in and assist a client, a fellow volunteer or staff, and always with a smile on his face. When people see him, he brings a smile to their face. When people talk about him, they do so with a smile on their face. See a pattern here? Rick's contribution in time, advocacy and smile-spreading is immeasurable.