Police Horse Retirement Ranch

The SF SPCA ensures that after years of faithfully serving our city, horses from the San Francisco Police Department’s Mounted Unit retire to lush pastures and cooling ponds on a Sonoma County ranch.

After a career of working in the midst of crowds, city noises and slippery city terrain, retired police horses enjoy a life free of work and riders.

Contributions from our supporters help to provide lifetime stabling, food, farrier services and veterinary care for these deserving horses. Make a donation and learn how you can help.

Our History Helping Horses

Because horses were often injured or killed pulling streetcars up and down San Francisco’s steep hills, the SF SPCA became a prime supporter of cable cars, first introduced in 1873.

After the 1906 earthquake, SF SPCA humane officers rescued countless horses trapped in burning stables — saving their lives and making them available to help rebuild the city.

In 1918, we began our work to provide retirement for city work horses. Before then, horses for the San Francisco Police and Fire Department were sold at public auctions, a road to slaughter for most. We’re grateful to help these deserving animals who now enjoy a life in peace after a career of hard work.