Open Door

Renters, landlords and pets are benefiting from a San Francisco SPCA program that fosters responsibility and trust and brings the animal-human bond to people who might otherwise live without animals.

The Open Door Program brings harmony and understanding to an area that often puts tenants and property owners at odds.

The program encourages landlords to rent to responsible pet guardians, and it encourages tenants to qualify for rental housing through responsible pet guardianship.

Everyone reaps the rewards and the quality of life improves for all parties.

Landlords are secure in the knowledge that animals have been professionally evaluated and found behaviorally sound in the shelter environment. Any damage will be the responsibility of the tenants. The program can result in lower vacancy rates and reduce turnover. It quite simply is good business. Happy tenants are good tenants who treat rental property as they would their own and renters with pets often renew leases once they have established a relationship with a pet-friendly landlord.

For renters, the program allows them to truly enjoy the animal-human experience they’ve often had to forego. It also offers the opportunity to become an exemplary pet guardian.

And for the animals, the program can help keep them with their human families. Many pets, who might otherwise be relinquished to shelters, are allowed to lead happy and healthy lives.

Guidelines for landlords
Guidelines for tenants