Diapers and Dogs

Are you expecting? Are you wondering how your dog will respond to her new
human sibling? Are you worried about the new routine and how everyone will adjust? You are not alone!

Dogs and babies can be a successful combination with a little preparation and some good management strategies. This 2-hour workshop is for new parents and babies (up to six months old, non-mobile) and soon-to-be-parents.

Parents will learn ways to safely set up everyone for success, relieve the worry and guilt you may be feeling, and learn the basics of managing dog and baby interactions.

Date & Time: Please check back from more classes.

Duration: 2 hour workshop.

Fees: $30 per individual or couple; $25 if your dog was adopted from the SF SPCA in the past year.

Location: 243 Alabama Street

Course prerequisites: Babies must be six months old or under (non-mobile).

Guardians and babies only - no dogs, please.


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