The Academy for Dog Trainers

The Academy for Dog Trainers was a groundbreaking program that ran under the auspices of the San Francisco SPCA for nearly ten years, educating hundreds of students from around the world. The Academy offered pioneering, comprehensive education to dog trainers, behavior counselors and other companion dog professionals, as well as the general public. More importantly, it has helped tens of thousands of dogs in homes and in shelters who have benefited from positive reinforcement training.

Although the Academy is no longer active at the SF SPCA, instructors Jean Donaldson and Janis Bradley continue their work independently to educate dog trainers. For information on The Academy for Dog Trainers or to contact Jean Donaldson, please visit To reach Janis Bradley's Dog Training Internship Academy, please visit The Academy for Dog Trainers’ alumni referral list and other resources are available in the SF SPCA website Resource Library: