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Animal Care Programs San Francisco

The mission of the San Francisco SPCA is to save and protect animals, to provide care and treatment, to advocate for their welfare, and to enhance the human-animal bond. We accomplish this through a variety of programs and services aimed at widening the circle of compassion throughout our community.

Saving and protecting as many lives as possible requires more than just commitment and care. It requires a comprehensive approach. That includes:

  • Reducing the number of kittens and puppies in shelters through spaying/neutering
  • Providing veterinary care to all animals
  • Using the best behavior training to help more cats and dogs find and thrive in loving homes
  • Increasing how and where the public encounters adoptable animals
  • Working with the community and policymakers to improve the conditions for our fellow animals

Learn more about the variety of coordinated services that the SF SPCA provides to care for and improve the lives of cats and dogs — and their guardians.