Pet Adoption Stories

Arizona and Raquel: Settling In Wonderfully


After ten days at home, I thought you might like to hear how Arizona and Raquel are doing. Despite their rough starts before they arrived at the shelter, they’re each settling in wonderfully at home. They’ve got very distinct personalities, but they’ve clearly decided they’re on the same team and have become fast friends — they even take turns during play time.

Arizona had her thirty day post-op check-up, and she’s healing well from her fractured leg and surgery. She still has a slight “gangsta walk,” but the vet’s happy with her progress and expects her full range of motion to come back within a few weeks. Raquel is still her playful, cuddle-buggy self.

Thank you again for everything — it’s only been a short while but already I can’t imagine my apartment without them.

- Cait

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